Castle Mural


That’s me in the mid stages of painting a mural in a nursery room. The mural covers three full walls. You can see part of one wall which has a desert theme, sort of. Each wall works into the next one. The castle wraps around the three sides of the column. Acrylic and latex paints. […]

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer


One of my heroes, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran theologian who could not ignore the abuses by the Nazis. He left Germany and spent time in England and in the United States but returned to his homeland to participate in the resistance. He was eventually arrested in 1943 and executed just before the end of […]

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Welcome to!

DRAWINGS Just about every time someone would retire the folks in charge of the retirement party would come to me and ask for a caricature or cartoon drawing of the retiree. When I retired someone asked if I was going to draw my own cartoon. Hmm…got me to thinking. I came up with this drawing […]

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