Explaining the Samples – 4

I ran across several black and white images and decided I’d make one set using just b&w. OK, the one that’s a photograph was in color but I converted it to grayscale for this set.

SirColby Samples 4

Left to right:

1. “Game of the Century,” charcoal on paper. This was posted already. You can find it in the drawings category on the right.

2. “Ora Shaw,” computer manipulated image of my grandmother. I never got the chance to know her. She died many years before I was born. But, from the photos, she looks like she was a very beautiful woman.

3. “No Comment,” acrylic on canvas. Whom do we trust the most (or should I ask the least), politicians or the media? Depicted is another scene from the never-ending battle between press and politico. It seemed most appropriate that it should be done in grays.

4. This photo shows my brother and me painting a mural on his barn. He wanted that “old-timey” look of a barn ad. We made some adjustments to approximate the logo of his favorite brew.

5. The caveman cartoon is from one pane of a strip. I can’t tell you much about it or I’d give away the punch line. Maybe I’ll post it some day. But then I’ll probably color it first.

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