Explaining the Samples – 5

This set was actually the first one we put together and it was done very quickly, just grabbing images as we found them. That’s also why the sequence isn’t similar to the other sets of examples.

SirColby Samples 5

Left to right:

1. “Girl-Pink and Gray,” color pencil on paper. The white stripe across her forehead is a reflection of the glass. I told you we did this quickly.

2. “Tina,” pencil on paper. Does the hairstyle give away how long ago this drawing of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was done?

3. African mural. This is an early sketch version. The graph lines are equal to 6 inch squares to determine proportions when painting on the wall.

4. “Indian Mother and Child,” acrylic on canvas. This was done just for practice. If it looks familiar, it’s because I was inspired by a photograph in a magazine.

5. “Gator,” pen and ink on paper. Another magazine photo-inspired drawing done just for practice.

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