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North Dallas Artists Studio Tour April 2019

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

I had the opportunity of see every artist in this Spring’s North Dallas Artists Studio Tour. Lots of outstanding work. You should check them out.

Eva Smith
Judy and Jack Schecter
Sheila Cunningham
Deborah Shannon
Lisa Covert
Carolyn Rekerdres
Ted Rekerdres
Gary Vaughan
Charlotte Edwards
Martha Vaughan
Angela Howell
Tricia Monfrey
Barbara Hollis
Suzy Singh
Tori Pendergrass
Jan Dreskin-Haig
Ronald Stever
Shelly Phillips
Sally Wilkins
Adriana Cobo-Frenkel
Liz Wiley
Jane Sparrer
Lori Cusick
Marilyn Eitzen Jones
Margaret Mall
Bernard Bortnick
Nathan Jones

I Can Feel You

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Mother’s Day, 2008. It’s been nine years since I suddenly lost my beautiful wife of over 40 years. The pain is still very real. She is gone forever and always with me. The link takes you to a song I wrote for her. Hug those special to you and tell them you love them.

Four Little Hearts

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

It has been seven years since that May 12 Mother’s Day, 2008. In memory of my precious wife who got to love her grandchildren ever so briefly. Another song I wrote for her has already been shared with family and friends. I now have the courage to share it with everyone else.

Click this link to hear my song: Four Little Hearts

Mother Beverly

Photos with her children and grandchildren.


North Dallas Artists Studio Tour April 2015

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Wow! What a wide variety of artistic talents – oils, acrylics, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewelry, collage, photography, weaving, watercolor, works in wood, metal…!

I spent the weekend visiting the artists on the North Dallas Studio Tour. On a whim I decided to take photos of the artists with their work. Because of this it took me about four times as long to see the tour! It’s interesting how asking, “May I take your photo?” immediately starts a conversation. But I loved every second.

I did this a few years ago on the White Rock tour (click here to see: White Rock Artists). Unfortunately, I didn’t have pad or pencil to keep track so I don’t have their names with their photos. I apologize to the artists. Click here: NorthDallasArt for more information. I also apologize for the very amateurish photos. It’s the thought that counts, right?

I encourage everyone to go on one of these tours. You’ll see some outstanding talent and get to visit with the artists right in their studio. You might even find some art for your home or for that perfect and unique gift.


IMG_2305 Bernard BortnickIMG_2306

IMG_2307IMG_2309 Karin Michelle



IMG_2312IMG_2308 Martha BoxIMG_2314IMG_2317IMG_2313

IMG_2315 Wooden SecretsIMG_2316

IMG_2318IMG_2319 Bob English

IMG_2320 Annie DavisIMG_2321

IMG_2322IMG_2325 Debra O'Brien

IMG_2323 Nathan JonesIMG_2327IMG_2330


IMG_2328 Stephen PotterIMG_2329 Nan Phillips



And Life Goes On Without Her

Monday, February 16th, 2015

When you lose someone very dear to you it’s strange to see how the world continues turning, people keep on doing whatever they’re doing and life goes on. This is for my wife who I miss every day. And for anyone else who has lost a special person. It’s the fourth song I’ve written for her and each one is a personal struggle. It’s my way of coping.

And then, in addition to the emotional hurdles, the microphone on my computer quit working so I resorted to singing into my iPad. It’s not the best audio but it is what it is.

Click on the title just above the photo.

I wrote the tune and the lyrics. A musician friend of mine, Brandy Herbert, arranged the background (


Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

OK, let’s do something a little different.

This is what you might call “accidental art.” Some of you won’t call it art at all. But I like it.

Older folks will remember the mimeograph machine. You wrapped a stencil around a big drum, turned the drum, fed paper in one side, ink would be forced through the stencil and a printed sheet of paper would magically come out the other side. Eventually, technology advanced to the point where you didn’t have to hand-crank the thing.

When you were done printing you’d cautiously take the inky stencil off. If you might print more copies later you’d carefully lay the stencil on the original backing sheet.

Various random images would remain on the backing sheet after you took the stencil away. Here’s one that, for some reason, I saved.


Ink on paper, 8 ½” X 14″

It’s Greek To Me

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Yet another college class assignment; exploring etching/printing. I’ll let you look at it first before I tell you what it is.


I chose to use the Greek letters of the fraternity I was in. Sigma Lambda Chi. Don’t look it up. You’ve never heard of it. It was a local fraternity and I’m told it no longer exists. But we’re having our annual reunion so I dug this up.

Ink print on tissue paper. 9″ X 12″

Clowns in Red

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Another oldie, an assignment in a college art class; my one and only attempt at a linoleum print.

Clowns in Red

Linoleum on newsprint paper, 7 1/2″ X 11″


Thursday, July 11th, 2013

This is definitely NOT my art but I make an exception to post it because it has special meaning. Not only is it a treasured gift from a great friend but it includes all my grandkids and was done in time for my wife to enjoy it.

Pozadzides Needlepoint

Needlepoint, 20″ X 24″

Happy Birthday

Friday, March 8th, 2013

This is REALLY old! I came across it recently and decided I’d share.

On a whim I decided I’d take a cake decorating class. It was a lot of fun. I had a great time decorating special cakes for my kids. This is one of those cakes I did for my daughter. I designed it to match the napkins and plates my wife had bought. Unfortunately, the word spread that I could decorate cakes and every cousin’s best friend who was having whatever kind of shower wanted me to decorate their cake for them. I retired.